DaVinci Bridal Q By DaVinci Sparkle Prom Bella Mia Spanish
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Fabric: Tulle

Color: Aqua, Blush
Size: 0 - 30
Neckline: Halter, High Neck, Illusion, Modest, Straps, Sweetheart
Details: Back Detail, Beading, Corset, Jacket, Modest, One Piece, Straps
Silhouette: Ball Gown, Halter, High Neck, Illusion, Modest, Straps, Sweetheart
Be a vision on your Quinceanera day with this one piece halter ball gown that pairs spectacular sparkle with sleek tulle in one beautiful design. The bodice starts as a classic strapless sweetheart but has a high neck halter made of illusion for a modest look. Delicate beading and crystals glitter across the entire bodice and the pretty criss-cross straps in back. A jeweled chandelier necklace effect at the throat continues around the collar and down back straps that create a triangle keyhole above the corset. ÃÃ'ƒÃ'Ã'ƒÃƒ'Ã'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒ'Ã'Ã'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒÃ'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒ'Ã'Ã'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒÃ'Ã'ƒÃƒ'Ã'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒÃ'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒ'Ã'Ã'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒÃ'Ã'ƒÃƒ'Ã'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒ'Ã'Ã'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒÃ'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒ'Ã'Ã'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒÃ'Ã'ƒÃƒ'Ã'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒ'Ã'Ã'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒÃ'Ã'ƒÃƒ'Ã'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒÃ'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒ'Ã'Ã'Ã' Smooth layers of tulle are gently gathered at the dropped waist and create the classic floor-length bell shape skirt.

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