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8 Steps to Selecting the Perfect Quinceanera Shoe

Choosing the perfect shoes for your Quince can be a challenge. Not only do high heels symbolize your transition—because you’ll start the day as “a little girl in flat shoes” and walk out of your reception as a young woman in heels—but today’s high heels are breaking all kinds of fashion barriers. You’ll also want to be comfortable the entire night, and the best way to do that is to choose comfortable shoes and change out your shoes a couple of times during the evening. So now that you’ve found that perfect dress, here’s a hit parade of the best advice out there for choosing Quinceanera shoes that will make you look and feel out of this world!

1. Be a Daring Princess

While you do want to play up “The Princess Factor” on your big day, always keep in mind that today’s heels are colorful, playful and dynamic. You want something to accent your dress, not totally steal the show. But just like brides are wearing contrast color shoes under their traditional white gowns, there’s no reason you can’t rock high fashion with a pair of red or deep rose heels under your pink princess dress!

2. Don’t Go Overboard on Height

While traditional high heels will probably be your first choice, unless you wear sky-high heels on a regular basis, for your Quince you really should choose a moderate height. You don’t want to be in pain just ten minutes into your party! Remember, too that you don’t need to stick to one style of shoe the entire night.

3. Consider Three Major Details

As you shop for shoes, keep in mind 3 factors that will affect their comfort:

  • Tip: Whether the toe is open or closed will affect how your toes can “breathe” but if the heel is too high, it’s possible for your toes to slip forward and be pinched or cut by the open top or sides of the toe. Therefore if the open toe shoe you try on feels anything but “loose and comfortable” in the toe, look for a different pair.
  • Heel: How high or how low the heel is will factor into your balance, so don’t choose any pair that you “totter around in” when you’re just trying them on.
  • Platform: It really doesn’t matter whether you pick a little, a lot, or no platform at all. What’s important is how “grounded” you feel. The one problem with taller platforms is that, if you’re not used to them, it’s easy to lose your balance and either look clumsy or worse, fall off the shoes completely and twist your ankle. You don’t want to walk out of your Quince as a brand new young lady with an Ace bandage as an accessory!

4. Heel Height Guidelines

If you’re truly a beginner (which is nothing to be ashamed of!) choose no more than a 1 to 1 ½ inch heel. If you wear heels regularly for special occasions or church, consider yourself as “intermediate” and pick a heel that’s 2 to 2 ½ inches. And even if you wear heels practically every day, for your Quinceanera, play it smart. Just for this one day, don’t go for more than 3 to 4 inches maximum.

5. Trending Color Combinations

The easiest way to choose a shoe color is to look at your dress first. Is it edgy and modern in a vibrant hue? Or did you choose a classic princess pastel or a beautiful pristine white gown? Here are some shoe color ideas based on your dress:

  • Classic White Gown: Choose white shoes in satin, sparkle or glitter, or choose an edgy contrast color that goes with your theme—red, midnight blue, or maybe a character shoe in a print.
  • Jewel Tone Dress: Either match the color of your dress, or go with another jewel tone from your color scheme, or go all out Cinderella with a white satin slipper or a white shoe with glitz and glitter. You can also rock a dramatic character print shoe.
  • Pastel Dress: Match your dress color but add a texture like glitter or gems, or choose shoes in a color that’s a few shades deeper than your dress. For example, pair a pastel blue, pale pink, or soft green gown with royal blue, rich rosy red, or emerald green shoes respectively. If you choose a character shoe, keep it in lighter shades.

Note: What We Mean by Character Shoes

Character shoes are patterned with crystals and/or painted or otherwise decorated to go with a certain theme like a movie or book.

Character shoes can also be over the top totally wild and just plain fun!

My Wicked Addiction is a great site to check out for movie and other theme shoes. This is their Pop Art & Superheroes page: https://ourwickedaddiction.com/collections/pop-art-and-superheros

6. Choose Natural Fabrics

If you want a truly comfortable shoe, stay away from heels that are 100% synthetic. You want a “natural” material that will breathe and move and that will mold to your foot. Here are the 4 most common natural shoe materials:

  • Leather
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Cloth 

7. Consider a Few Shoe Changes

You’ll want something scrumptious for your formal Changing of the Shoes ceremony. But after that, not only will you switch out shoes for your surprise dance, you can also have a couple different styles of shoes to party in.

Always remember that while your special day is all about looking beautiful, it’s also about being comfortable. Because if your killer shoes are killing you, your pain will show on your face and in your photos! Here’s a suggestion list for switchout out shoes:

  • Ceremony Ballerina Flats: But don’t think that they have to be plain white or pastel. Add some glitz and glitter or lace and pearls, or choose a deep hue like your shoe ceremony heels so you can wear them later as a switchout for those killer stilettos.
  • Baile Sopresa Ballroom Dance Shoes: Consider these for your surprise dance instead of sneakers. They’re feminine, classic and you can wear them after your Quince with a cute sundress or add white socks and wear them with jeans.
  • Sandals in the Style of your Changing Shoes: A good example of this would be that, if you choose a caged heel, wear an embellished gladiator flat for after the baile sopresa. If you pick a classic pump or a print or a character shoe, choose a flat or low heel sandal in the same colors.
  • Kicky Converse: Converse aren’t the most feminine shoe out there, but they are all the rage. If you really like this look, then to make them Quince-worthy, choose glittered sneaks or embellish your plain Converse with rhinestones. You can also get custom made Converse-style in character shoes.

8. Classic Tired Foot Fix: Inserts!

If you want to wear your new high heels the entire evening—or if you need a little more cushion for any of your shoes, even your flats—just add paddings like gel soles or memory foam inserts.

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