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8 Tips for Hassle-Free Quinceanera Dress Shopping

Preparing for your Quinceanera is super exciting, and topping the list of the fabulous things you need to plan for is Your Dress! With all eyes on you, you’ll want to look unforgettable. So here are some practical tips that will make your entire Quinceanera dress shopping experience go more smoothly and be a lot more fun.

  • Start with a Vision

Before you venture out to try on dresses, come up with a vision—a dream board or maybe a

Pinterest board or two—of how you want to look on your special day. Include photos of dress styles both that you like and that you do not like. Additionally, don’t try to nail down a specific look. Just organize a board of dresses that speak to you. Once you have a good selection, start eliminating down until you have four or five top looks.

Next, look at the common features of each dress—for instance, do many of them have an asymmetrical neckline, or maybe the skirt is layered a certain way? Next, examine the differences that make each dress special. These details are what you’ll look for when you go dress shopping. If you promise yourself to eliminate anything that doesn’t come close to these top choices, the entire task will go faster!

Tip: Go to Q by DaVinci and peruse the Mix & Match line. This will help you get an idea of what you want the bodice and the skirt to look like!

  • Keep in Mind Your Body Type

As you’re choosing silhouettes, make sure to stick with those that work well with your body type. For example, if you’re uncomfortable about showing your legs but love your collarbones, then a floor skimming, off the shoulder number would be lovely. The point of the dress is to hide what you’re uncomfortable with while at the same time showing off your best assets. That formula will pretty much guarantee success and result in confidence on your big day!

  • Enhance Your Skin Tone

In addition to a flattering silhouette, when choosing your Quinceanera gown, pay attention to which colors look most lovely against your skin. If you fall madly in love with a dress that has everything you want but the sample is in a color you just can’t stand, don’t give up just yet. You might be able to either order the same dress in a color you love (ask to look at the fabric samples), or find another gown that’s very close in detail and comes in a color that looks wonderful on you.

  • Enhance Your Dress

You may find a Quinceanera dress you really like, but it doesn’t have as much adornment as you want. In this case, consider adding the embellishments yourself or ask your Quinceanera retailer to work in some extra details. If you find a dress in a color that sets off your skin tone beautifully and fits near perfectly, but you feel that it’s a bit too plain, then bring it to your retailer to add embroidery or beadwork or other details according to your wishes. All it takes to totally bling out a dress is to make one or two trips to the craft or bead store, scout out Swarovski crystals or pearls or other beads, and take those back to your retailer for incorporation.

  • Don’t Forget Accessories

Your dress will be the focal point of your entire look on your Quinceanera, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your other accessories! We’re talking about your purse, shoes, hair decorations and jewelry other than your tiara. A good rule of thumb is this: If your dress is already intricate, then keep accessories to a minimum. This is especially true if you’ll be presented with your first set of adult jewelry during the reception. It’s better to err on the side of caution and keep jewelry to a minimum so as to highlight your earrings and tiara.

  • Buying Online vs. Buying in a Store

Many girls like to browse online stores for Quinceanera dress options because they can cover more ground in less time. If you’re planning to order online, though, be prepared for the possibility of major alterations if the dress doesn’t fit well. Also, make sure that you buy from a reputable seller because there are many counterfeit vendors out there! If buying in-store, it’s best to make time for shopping as opposed to simply finding the time. The more hours you can give yourself to scout around, the less pressure there will be for you to find a dress.

  • Bottom Line: the Big Picture

Once you decide on the basic look for your Quinceanera gown—especially if you’re coming close to getting your heart set on one particular dress, there are a few more things you might want to consider:

  • Get the OK from your mom and, if need be, your padrina or your grandmother. Your Quinceanera celebration is a nod to your family’s honor, so anything too revealing or eyebrow-raising might not be a good choice.
  • Always be aware of the comfort factor. Obviously, you want to look fabulous on your special night, but you also want to feel good as well, right? Looking radiant but doing so in a dress that makes it hard to sit down or move around can put a serious damper on your night. Always make sure that you’re comfortable in the dress you choose.
  • Stay within your budget. This big affair is something you deserve, but it’s also much more costly than the usual party. Because of the many expenses, it would be wise to stay within the budget that your parents have selected for your dress.
  • Make It Unforgettable

Shopping for your Quinceanera dress should be fun! Always keep this in mind and you’ll make the best decisions about the fit, color, and style of your gown. If you’re shopping with your mom, remember that this can be a special bonding experience. If your best friend also tags along, it can make for many light-hearted moments and wonderful silliness.

One last piece of advice: Take tons of photos to upload on social media. Also, take time for a leisurely lunch—good food always puts people in a good mood!—and take short breaks when needed. This isn’t a race. You don’t need to complete your entire look from head to toe in one afternoon, so make sure that you savor the experience. Even after the party is over and done with, the dress shopping experience you’ve shared with the special women in your life will be something you’ll look back on with fondness and love!

Fun Tip: Print out your shopping selfies—including those with your mom and friends who went shopping with you—and make a poster board to display at your party!