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Quinceanera Manicures: Do’s & Dont’s for 2016

You have your dress on order, your shoes picked out, and your Quinceanera theme is coming together beautifully. Now it’s time to beautify your pretty fingernails!  There are some truly hot trends out there in polish and nail art, and they’re all beautiful, but not all of them will work for an elegant Quinceanera look. So we’ve put together a guide that starts with what not to put on your nails and then reviews the most gorgeous manicures out there that will make you one classy Quinceanera!

Let’s Start with the Absolute No-No’s:

  • Just Say No to Uñas Sinaloenses and Gyaru

As cute and fancy as they may seem, these manicures just do not work. Not only are they outrageously overpriced, but they will seriously downgrade your look. And in spite of how expensive they are, they can actually make you look cheap!

If you’re seriously in love with the look and just have to have it, then get just one nail done and leave the rest of your nails a one solid neutral color.

  • Ho-Hum Old-Fashioned Natural French Tip

Yes, this look is a classic, but the pink and white—or nude and white—just doesn’t cut in in 2016. But what does rock is the French tip style in either a dark or bright color then add a metallic tip!

  • Stiletto Nails are So Last Year!

Never mind Rihanna and everyone else—if you want super-long nails, try the new coffin shape or the traditional square end.

Hot Visual Trends We Love

Here are some manicures that give a visually textured look without the overdone gyura trinkets:

  • Broken & Shattered Glass

This beautiful design is an attention getter in all the right ways.

  • Marble

Who wouldn’t love marble? Especially if you’re having a marble cake, consider a marble design on just one nail to add some personality without overpowering your total look.

  • Floral designs

Celebrate the season of your Quince with one or two nails hand painted with a floral. For the winter holidays, you could do a poinsettia, for spring add a daisy, and any time of the year would be beautiful with a rose in your favorite color.

Add Glamor with a Textured Finish

Perhaps the easiest way to glam up your nails without a pricey design job is to choose any shade you love in one of the new textures:

  • Velvet

Velvet polish adds texture to your nails without being over the top. This polish is lovely if you embellish just one nail with a rhinestone or two.

  • Matte

Shiny gel is out. Matte is in. This new trend will intensify any color you choose and is also lovely with just the faintest touch of glitz.

Update the Tried & True

  • Metallic Tip French

As we said before, the classic French style with a contrasting tip is lovely. Just go for something more exciting like a lighter base and darker tips, or combine a dark color base and a lighter color tip. And a soft shade with a metallic tip? Stunning!

Some Pointers on Choosing the Right Color

Just like with your dress, skin tone matters when it comes to choosing nail polish. Here are some general guidelines that you may already know, but keep them in mind if you choose a multi-colored look:

  • Porcelain & Pale Skin: Choose light pink or light blue, pastels, and gentle reds. Avoid dark colors especially dark blue and black.
  • Light Skin: Choose beige, low-contrast French manicures, light purple, soft orange, dark pink, and berry red. Avoid green, orange, gold, dark blue, and black.
  • Tanned Skin: Choose light blue, pink, purple, light brown, tangerine, copper, and chocolate but stay away from gold.
  • Medium & Olive Skin Tone: Peach, gold, brown, burgundy, metallics, pink, blue, yellow and orange will look great on you. Stay away from certain reds, purple, bronze and navy blue.
  • Dark Complexion: Choose burgundy, deep purple, almost any red, dark green, blue, or gold. Avoid orange, yellow, neon colors, pastels, white and silver.

Because every skin tone can wear at least one shade of red, check out this guide for reds based on skin tone. The blog also lists specific brands and shade names to check out the next time you go to the mall: http://www.makeup.com/best-red-nail-polish-for-skin-tone/?utm_campaign=organic_syndicated&utm_term=Guide&utm_content=Nail-Polish-Guide-The-Very-Best-Reds-for-Your-Skin-Tone%2F&utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=social&crlt.pid=camp.rXcVF0jogK6i

Just for Fun

If you want to have some fun shopping Pinterest looks, check out these manicure keywords:

  • Chevron accent
  • Cotton candy
  • Florals
  • Black & white feathers
  • Geometric
  • Gold studs
  • Rainbow polka dots
  • Sophisticated lace
  • Celestial (stars, comet)
  • Reflective French
  • Blue ombre
  • Total glitter (glitter polish)
  • Princess crowns
  • Quilted
  • Royal purple glitter

Some Final Tips for Healthy Nails

  • Skip the acrylics & grow your own

We realize that artificial nails are an easy out, but they’re also expensive and will damage your cuticles.

  • Prep your nails ahead of time

Shop around for a good vitamin and mineral supplement to help strengthen your nails. You can also buy a replenishing oil or a formula that either thickens or prevents splitting. There are plenty of treatments to choose from that will make your nails healthy, and the results will last far longer than your Quinceanera day!

  • Diet matters!

Be sure to include proteins like fish and beans, and also antioxidants like those found in blueberries. A diet rich in these elements will give your nails a lift from the inside.

  • Consider predesigned tips & appliques

You can get a pricey salon look with store-bought tips and appliques. For a fraction of the cost of a salon job, these are a great accessory to add a little glamor and are super easy to apply. Be sure to use a top coat on both tips and appliques to make them last longer.

  • DIY Swarovski crystals & glitter—sparingly!

Obviously, you want your manicure to stand out, especially if your family is giving you a beautiful ring, but the last thing you want is to look tacky. So if you want Swarovski crystals, use just a few of them on only one or two fingers, but not all your nails.

And if you’re a glitter girl through and through, but want something a little different, then consider a glitter ombre manicure.