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The 411 for Quinceanera Videography

A day as important as your Quinceanera should definitely be captured in sound, in photos, and on video. While most of your guests will be snapping and videoing the night away courtesy of their smartphones, many Quinceanera celebrants still opt for a professional videographer for the big day.

Precious Moments Caught on Film

Videography is standard for important occasions like weddings, graduations, and birthdays, especially if it’s a milestone birthday like a Quinceanera. You may remember the food and many other details of your party for weeks or months after, but as the years go by, these memories will not be as vivid. You’ll want to rely on the video of your Quince to illustrate the genuine fun of that special day and it will be something that you’ll watch yourself or show your children and other loved ones in the decades to come.

Should You Make the Investment?

Professional videography for your Quinceanera is definitely an important part of the budget. Rates can run up to a few hundred dollars per hour depending, so it’s fairly obvious why, despite its many advantages, some people still hem and haw over hiring a pro. If you have the budget for it, that’s great! If you think you need to reduce or eliminate other things in order to afford a good video, that’s something worth thinking about. If all you really need to do is to simplify the giveaways so as to budget in a professional videographer, go for it! Giveaways are a sweet touch, but you need to remember that you’re throwing a party, not just for yourself, but also for your friends and family. The giveaways need not be swanky or expensive, and they will be impressive if you DIY from the heart!

However, if videos aren’t really your thing, then perhaps you can do away with a professional and simply assign a cousin or a friend to take videos of the night. This alternative really is a good idea in case you end up feeling sentimental down the road and wish you had a video of your Quince. Better safe than sorry, so either hire or assign someone for sure!

Finding a Quinceanera Videographer

Luckily, it’s not that difficult to find and hire a good Quinceanera videographer. Just start with recommendations from friends and family who might happen to love a particular videographer’s work even if it’s not necessarily a Quince. A good wedding videographer would be perfect. These professionals often have their own websites and upload the work they’ve done for other clients which makes it easy for you to decide if their style suits your personal tastes All that’s left to do then is to get in touch regarding rates, negotiate to the best of your abilities, and hire the pro that you feel most comfortable working with, both with regard to skills and personality.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve secured your Quinceanera videographer, the next step is a meeting to discuss the particulars of your celebration. While the pro will usually know when and how to get things done at a major event in general, there are some Quince details that you need to ensure are recorded so that you get as much personalization as possible. Expect to be asked about the schedule of your Quince, the venue particulars, and whether you want any particular aspects or elements of the celebration covered. You can give as many helpful details as you want, but remember to allow some creative space for your pro to come up with a beautiful surprise for you when it’s time to show the final footage.

Videography Walkthrough

A videographer may arrive at the venue while you’re still getting ready, early enough to get their equipment set up. Then he or she will come to take videos of you getting all dolled up, plus some good footage of the family as well. Don’t be surprised if you find the camera directed to objects and areas around your house, panning here and there to get a nice sweep of interesting things to incorporate into the video later on. (We’re talking about close up shots of your childhood toys or a quick focus on those growing up pictures of you that proudly line the hallway).

He’ll keep shooting all the way to the church, during the ceremony, and well into the night as you party with your friends. Sometimes your pro will be discreet, and sometimes you’ll be given specific instructions to look or move a certain way in the name of creativity or artistic framing of the shot, or even to make you look just a little bit better. Come dinnertime, the pro and his team will most likely be busy cobbling together some footage to give you a short, minute-long video clip of how the day and night have progressed thus far. This is similar to what’s shown during weddings, except this time the focus is on the young Quinceanera and not the newly married couple.

After the Quinceanera

The short video isn’t the only thing you’ll get from your Quince videographer. In the days that follow your celebration, he or she will be working on a much longer video that shows more detail, starting from the time you were getting ready up until the last few guests have left the venue. It will be magnificently edited, with all the right lighting and with beautiful background music as well—and often, you get to choose the background song or songs. This fabulous video will be one of the best keepsakes ever of your most important day!

It can’t be stressed enough, but once more, hiring a professional videographer for your Quinceanera—or at the very least having a friend dedicated to videoing the event—is really the way to go. He or she will serve as your eyes and ears for the merriment—especially moments that you didn’t get to see yourself because you were busy with other things—all immortalized on a CD or other digital medium for you to play over and over as many times as you wish. Of course, the photos taken by your photographer will be equally breathtaking. But you have to admit there really is no substitute for seeing yourself and everyone you love—live on film—partying the night away!


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