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Your Guide to the Top 6 Quinceanera Hairdo’s for 2016

Long before you walk down the aisle to get married, you’ll walk down the aisle of your church for your Quinceanera Mass. And just like on your wedding day, all eyes will be on you, so you want to look your best, head to toe. You’ll have a tiara crowning your hair instead of a veil, but you want that tiara to rest on the most beautiful hairdo you’ve ever had.

Quinceanera hairdo trends follow closely on the heels of current wedding hairstyles. Sometimes Quinceanera updo’s are more elaborate than wedding styles, but even if you decide to keep your look simple, choosing the hairstyle for your big day is still an important decision. Whether you hire a professional stylist or ask a close friend or relative to do your hair, you’ll still need to make sure your hairstyle suits your dress and flatters your facial features. So let’s take a look at today’s hottest hairstyle trends and see which one will be perfect for your 2016 Quinceanera celebration!

  • Bun

Recently, buns have been trending, and celebrities are wearing braided buns and half buns to special events. Buns are perfect if you have long hair and either want to show off that lovely sweetheart neckline of your gown or just keep your hair off your shoulders because your Quinceanera falls during the warmer months. Even if your hair is short, buns are adaptable to almost any length and type of hair and are especially lovely if you have highlights.

The one downside to a bun that’s more structured is that you might need to touch it up more often, but that just gives you the perfect excuse to wear that gorgeous hair comb or set of crystal spin pins, doesn’t it? Also, a high bun is perfect to show off your beautiful Quinceanera tiara.

As a general guideline, necklines that go well with buns include boat neck, high collar styles like a Queen Anne neckline, as well as off the shoulder and strapless gowns. But because the basic bun has dozens of variations to choose from, and because a bun does work very well with almost everyone’s hair, the final decision comes down to what you want for your total look.

  • Loose Updo

Loose updos have been trending as “messy” hairdo’s and are perfect if you want a dressy look that requires fewer touchups than a fixed style like a bun. This type of hairstyle is a snap if you have wavy hair, and is perfect to show off any number of gorgeous accessories. Adding a little bouffant lift to the crown will also beautifully highlight your tiara.

This style of hairdo will play up highlights, both natural and created. So if you color your hair, make sure to have a touch up a few weeks before your Quinceanera day. Loose updos are fun to play around with to see how loose or structured you prefer. Also, have some fun experimenting with curls at the ends or as side tendrils.

  • Side Swept Hairstyles

Side hairdos, both updos and those with hair down, are wonderful to balance out asymmetrical dress necklines and highlight beautiful shoulders. If you prefer a more bohemian vibe, try a side swept fishtail braid.

Any side swept hairdo will probably need a little retouching every few hours so pack your emergency kit with plenty hairspray and pins. Also, this hairstyle works a bit better for indoor Quinceaneras because unless you’re comfortable using a lot of pins and hairspray, the wind can sometimes wreak havoc.

Tip: Check out this DIY tutorial for a stunning side fishtail pony. https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/kassinka-11310925/festive-side-ponytail-hair-tutorial-4673665157

  • Quinceanera Styles for Short Hair

If you think that shorter hair gives you fewer options, think again! Short curly hair with lots of volume is wonderful to work with, and short hair that’s straighter can be stunning when styled in a sleek ‘do. Short hairstyles work well with most necklines including an illusion, a bateau, or even a halter.

Perhaps the best thing about shorter hair is that you can usually pat sleek hair back into place and use just your fingers to fluff the curls, making it perfect for any indoor or outdoor Quinceanera and especially for those hot summer months!

  • Ponytails

Find all these ponytail hairdos here: http://stayglam.com/beauty/elegant-ponytail-hairstyles/2/

Ponytails are perfect for any venue, and most will last straight through from the beginning of your Mass until you wave goodbye to the last guest leaving the reception. All it takes to make a ponytail elegant and glamorous is a little backcombing and few strategic hairpins or bobby pins. An occasional touch up with hairspray is probably all you’ll need.

If your hair is long, try a half pony with side braids. This look is beautiful with V and cowl necklines. If you want to experiment more, a fishtail braided pony makes for a charming princess look.

Check out this tutorial on how to make any ponytail look awesome in only 5 minutes! http://www.mindblowingvideos.com/how-come-i-never-knew-this-i-have-been-tying-my-hair-the-wrong-way-all-this-while.html?h=1

Trending now is the bubble ponytail, a look inspired by the designer Valentino for a runway show. You can keep it simple, or you can spice it up with braids and hair accessories. Here’s a link to a DIY tutorial for a braid wrapped bubble ponytail plus 14 other gorgeous styles:


  • Let Your Hair Down

If you’re not keen on wearing your hair up for whatever reason, then just let your lovely locks hang loose! Long or short, down hairdos go beautifully with tube top dresses as well as any gown that has simple lines and a lightly embellished bodice. They can also be dramatic with a V-neck dress. For alluring elegance, add gentle waves. For a hip feel, part your hair slightly off center and add a few curls down the sides.

Some girls also prefer a down hairdo with a strapless or off the shoulder dress because they feel more comfortable having a bit of their shoulders covered.

Depending on the length of your hair and whether it’s curly or straight, you may need a few quick fixes, especially after the choreographed dances and for sure at the height of the dance party.

Hint: Why not pack a few bobby pins, a ponytail holder, or some other comb or clip in your emergency kit? Then if you decide at some point to get your hair out of your way, you can put it up in a snap!

Final Tip: Grow It, Fake It or Extend It

Many celebrants choose to grow their hair out especially for their Quinceanera in order to have more styling options and to make whatever style they already prefer all the more glamorous. If growing your hair out isn’t an option—perhaps if you simply prefer your hair shorter, or you’re planning your Quinceanera at the last minute—there are plenty of choices to make your hairdo more dramatic.

You can sweep any length hair up into a high ponytail or bun then add a faux bun to make a bouffant look. You could purchase some quality clip-in extensions, maybe in a color to complement your dress, or you could go with some type of more customized hair extension.

Important: While hair extensions can be a fantastic option, make sure you research carefully and check with your parents first. Read this link for some excellent professional advice: http://www.hairextensions.com/clip_in_hair_extensions.html

Practice, Practice!

Many of the hairstyles trending today for Quinceaneras and other dressy events are really easy to DIY, but you’ll still need to practice. Professional stylists can give you some pointers, but be sure to check with your parents before you plan anything like extensions or expensive highlights or even a style that will make you look drastically different from your everyday self.

Also, plan at least a couple of full practice sessions with your dress, hair, and makeup so that on the big day, everything goes smoothly. Remember, too: You do not have to copy a celebrity hairstyle or buy pricey extensions or do anything else radical to your hair in order to look beautiful for your Quinceanera. Enhancing and bringing out your inner beauty through lovely, age appropriate hair and makeup is what really counts!