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Your Quinceanera How-to Guide: Look & Act like a Princess!

Even if you don’t have a celebratory Mass before your reception, on your Quinceanera, you’re still princess for a day, so you want to look the part. You also want to not only look great in your posed portraits, but you also want to be caught on video looking elegant and ladylike on your first day as a young woman. Here are 9 tips—everything from how to stand up straight to how to butter a dinner roll—that will serve you well on your Quinceanera day and in the years to come!

1. How to Have Near-Perfect Posture

No matter how beautiful your dress, if your shoulders aren’t squared, and your head held high, you’re going to look—well, slumpy in your photos! It’s not difficult to master better posture if you know the right things to do.

  • Easy exercises for better posture

Here’s a link to a great set of exercises to help you square up your shoulders in no time:


2. How to Walk in High Heels

No matter the height of your Quinceanera heels, there are a few rules when it comes to walking gracefully. For instance, always walk heel-to-toe just like you would in flats. Then take a tip from runway models by placing one foot front of the other almost in a straight line.

Here are two really helpful guides for walking like a princess in those beautiful new heels:

  • Walk with confidence

Here’s a great tutorial for how to walk in heels including tips if it’s your first time:


  • Strengthen your legs and protect your joints

The great news is, even though these are ballet exercises, there’s no ballet experience required!


3. How to Hold a Bouquet

While most Quinceanera bouquets are rounded nosegays, you might choose something a little different for your flowers. Make sure to ask your florist the best way to hold your flowers but here are some basic guidelines to get you started:

  • Hold the bouquet in a way that it feels most balanced
  • Hold it in front of you at waist level and tipped just slightly forward
  • Shoulders back, stand up straight, chin up, don’t look at the floor
  • Don’t forget to hold the bouquet correctly for photos (your photographer will probably remind you)
  • Fantastic tutorial illustrating a small hand tied bouquet


4. How to Exit a Car with Grace

Getting in and out of a car while wearing a Quinceanera dress with a giant hoop skirt is a challenge. Getting in isn’t so bad because you’ll have your back to the photographer. Getting out is a whole other thing altogether. The big trick is to keep your knees together, rotate on your hipbones, and have someone hold your hand to help you out.

Here’s a darling tutorial that includes “striking a pose”


5. How to Cut a Tier Cake

Unless yours is a very small reception and your cake is more like a birthday cake, your caterer or someone else will be responsible for slicing the cake into portions. Either way, you’ll still be responsible for cutting the first piece as a symbol of your young adult status and believe or not, there’s a “correct way” to do this too!

Fun Warning: Watching this video may give you a craving for a chunk of cake now!

  • How to cut a small symbolic slice of tier cake


6. How to Shake Hands, Kiss & Hug Sincerely

Every time you shake someone’s hand, you’re giving an impression, and at your Quinceanera, you’ll want to give the impression that you’re sincere. You’ll also be hugging and kissing family and friends, and believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to do that!

  • 5 Kinds of Handshakes, The Air Kiss & The Shoulder Hug


7. How to Hold a Microphone

There’s a difference between holding a microphone when you’re singing and when you’re giving a speech. There’s also a natural way to hold your arm so you don’t get tired.

  • Short, sweet and correct microphone technique


8. How to Use the Ladies Room in a Ball Gown

You wouldn’t think you’d need advice on how to use the ladies room—unless you’re wearing a dress that’s almost wider than the doorway! If your Quinceanera gown is 2-piece, it’s probably easy to step out of the skirt for a moment. But if the skirt is attached—sit down “facing forward!”

  • This really does work, girls!


9. How to Butter a Dinner Roll

Would you believe there’s a wrong way to butter and eat a dinner roll? Yep! And it has everything to do with the size of the piece you tear off. As a finishing touch to our Perfect Princess Quinceanera guide, check out this video, then have fun on your big day!

  • This starts with buttering a roll then adds some other things


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