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10 Tips for a Thoughtful Quinceanera: from Eco-Friendly to Sharing the Spotlight

Did you know that everything you need to have a beautiful, fabulous Quinceanera can be done in an entirely eco-friendly fashion? Well, it can! And did you know that there are, not just one, but three ways you can share the spotlight and make your day even more special? There are!

So if you’re a girl who really cares about the environment, and perhaps wants to make someone else feel just as special on your big day, we have 10 of the best ways to celebrate your Quinceanera in a loving, caring, and thoughtful manner!

1. Invitations

One of the first places to start to make your Quinceanera more eco-friendly is to limit the amount of paper you use for your invitations. Now, we’re not saying that online digital invitations are the best. Many people feel an invitation for any special celebration should be tangible, so talk to your parents and then honor their preference.

There are 3 basic eco-friendly invitation options: Online, recycled paper, and 1-piece invitations. Here are links to the best choice in each category:

  • Recycled paper invitations:


  • Beautiful 1-piece invitations:


2. Photography

Your Quinceanera photos are priceless and shouldn’t be skimped on, but you don’t have to use paper, and you don’t have to use paper that can harm the environment.

Almost all photographers these days use digital cameras to capture the images and can give you a CD photo album rather than one bound in a book. If you prefer paper, then use an eco-friendly printing service. We also found a few tips for photographers who want to be kinder to the environment.

  • Digital CD album: Ask your photographer if he or she can provide this.

3. Flowers

There are a few ways to choose eco-friendly flowers. One is to order farm-grown blooms. Another is recycled flowers, and a third is eco-friendly silk flowers. Then, after your Quince, share the beauty of your special day with someone else by giving your flowers to a person or organization.

  • Recycled flowers: These look and smell real! They’re made of various materials—book pages, burlap, sheet music, pine cones, just to name a few—and can be scented with a natural fragrance like Egyptian lavender, black raspberry vanilla, or cherry blossom. https://www.ecoflower.com/pages/about-us
  • Share the love:
      • Take your fresh arrangements to a nursing home or hospital.
      • Pass your artificial flower arrangements on to a friend who’s having a Quince.
      • Give your artificial flowers to your older sister or relative who’s planning a wedding.
      • Use the fresh centerpieces as extra special take home gifts for important family members like grandparents, a favorite aunt or uncle, or people who traveled a long way to be with you on your Quinceanera.

Tip: You can also keep your artificial flowers for your immediate family if they have an occasion to reuse them without taking up too much storage space.

4. Transportation

There are a few ways to protect the environment when it comes to getting to your ceremony and venue in style. You may spend a little more, or maybe not. And there’s one way to spend nothing at all!

  • Hybrid or electric limo or sedan: Do a Google search for “hybrid limo rental” then add your city and state. That should up links for sedans as well.
  • Horse-drawn carriage: Ride in style to your Quince with Mother Nature—meaning the horse—leading the way.
  • Walk in style: Book your party in your church’s hall then hire a mariachi band for a traditional procession from the ceremony to the reception. If you don’t want a live band, have your favorite cousin bring his boom box and a mariachi CD or some other “traveling music” that you like!

5. Organic Feast

This is an obvious choice to honor the planet and your body, and the best part is, organic and natural foods taste better! Serve lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and keep the entree simple. Then use all natural ingredients and bake your cake and other sweets without preservatives.

  • Organic catering: Some caterers offer organic menu options.
  • All natural bakery: If your caterer doesn’t provide an organic meal option, you can still order your cake from an all-natural bakery. If you have a natural food store near you like Whole Foods, ask if their bakery can make your cake.
  • Potluck & DIY: Ask your favorite relatives to pitch in for a potluck, and make some of the sweet treats yourself.

6. Decorations

There are a few ways to conserve resources when it comes to your decorations. Here are four great ideas:

  • Dine by candlelight: Lower the electric bill and use live candles if the venue allows, or use flameless tea lights and column candles.
  • Low-intensity lighting: Use low-intensity bulbs and consider dramatic up-lighting with only a few lights placed strategically around the room.
  • Easy on the decorations: Minimalist decorating is by nature eco-friendly, so colored or print tablecloth overlays and one simple focal point centerpiece is enough.
  • Use recycled paper party supplies: You can get literally everything party-related and be able to choose from recycled, Fair Trade, and even Made in the USA from one site! http://www.ecopartytime.com/

7. Ecofriendly/Cruelty-free Makeup & Supplies

It’s a good idea to wear natural makeup anyway because it’s easier on your skin. Get familiar with the different brands, some of which are available at your local drugstore. Also, natural bamboo brushes are commonly found right around the corner at your friendly neighborhood Walgreens or another drugstore!

  • 14 top eco-friendly & cruelty-free makeup brands:


8. Ask for Donations to Charity instead of Gifts

It’s a good idea for you to have a gift registry for your Quinceanera, but after you’ve listed the few things you really do need, ask your guests to donate. You can choose an international charity, a religious organization, or even your local animal shelter!

9. Recycled Damas Dresses

Take advantage of the hot fashion trend for colorful mix & match attendants and have your damas wear their own Quinceanera dress bodices. Use their dress colors to work out your own color scheme, then choose matching skirts for them. Keep the skirts all the same length and style and all one neutral color like white, beige or taupe, or a pastel that’s common to all the different bodices.

Tip: Check out the skirts from our Mix & Match line. You can choose your own skirt to complement the one you choose for your damas, and it’s a guarantee that they’ll all match perfectly! http://www.qbydavinci.com/mixandmatch/

10. Share the Spotlight:

Not only is sharing your Quinceanera thoughtful and loving, but it’s also twice the fun! And your families will be happy because it’s more cost-effective to have one larger party than to start from scratch building two entirely different celebrations. Here are two popular ideas, and you may come up with even more:

  • Celebrate a double Quinceanera: Join forces with a friend whose Quince is in the same month as yours.
  • Combine a Quince & a Cincoanera: A  Cincoanera celebration is based on the Catholic Church’s tradition of presenting 3 to 5-year-old children for God’s blessing as they begin their spiritual life, so make your Quince a double celebration with your little sister, cousin or niece.

We’ve probably sparked your creativity, so put on your kind and loving thinking cap and see what else you can do to make your Quinceanera all about the generous young woman you’ve grown into!