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10 Tips for a Truly Vintage Quince

“Vintage” as a style is wildly popular these days and can mean different things to different people. Basically, though, when it comes to parties, the idea is to create a classy party using old-fashioned decorations. To get you started, we’ve gathered 10 basic tips on how to pull off a charming Quince with an authentic vintage feel. And here’s the best news: Done right, a vintage Quince is totally affordable! Check out these ideas.

1. Lowkey Color Scheme

Take a tip from vintage weddings to choose your vintage Quince color scheme. The most important consideration is to keep it elegant, but there are lots of variations on the colors to use. Here’s the classic plus some ideas based on the seasons:

  • Classic: Neutral Nudes

  • Autumn:Burgundy & Blush

  • Winter: Icy Blues

  • Spring: Metallic Gold & Teal

  • Summer: Gentle Brights

2. Lots of Lace & Pearls

Put pearls on your invitations, your shoes, in your floral arrangements, table linens—everywhere you can add a little touch will nail your vintage theme. And of course, wear a pearl necklace! New or old, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s pearls!

3. Parasols & Vests

Create an instant vintage feel with simple accessories. Parasols look great with both short and long damas dresses, and your chambelanes will be grateful to dress a bit more casually!

4. Vintage Accessories

Ask your grandmother, mother, favorite aunt or other female relatives to let you borrow their old-fashioned jewelry.  A pearl necklace is practically a must, and a pretty pin from the 1940s will look lovely on your dress, tucked into your bouquet, and even in your hair. Or go raid the thrift shop jewelry bins and make a jewelry bouquet!

5. Thrift Shop Antique Table Decor

Visit your local Goodwill, charity resale shop, and even the 99 cent store for chandeliers, old cake plates, and candle holders, then paint them to match your color scheme. The great thing about a vintage Quince is that it’s easy on the budget because nothing really needs to be brand new!

6. Teacups All Around

These are another thrift shop find, and if you’re having an intimate Quince, you can have a teacup and saucer for every guest! If not, then use a cute cup and saucer as part of your table decorations. You can even make candles out of vintage cups.

7. Baby’s Breath Bonanza

Nothing says “Vintage!” like loads of baby’s breath. Put it in everything—your bouquet, your hair, and your table decorations. (Surround those cute tea cup candles with baby’s breath and your tables with be gorgeous without even trying!)

8. Go a Little Cloche Crazy

A cloche is a bell jar, and they look great set over just about anything.  Add sparkle with fairy lights or use a cloche on your sweets table.

9. Hand Painted Floral Cake

Hand painted cakes are all the rage, and you can have yours done to match any theme you like!

10. Old Books & Sheet Music Pages

It couldn’t get any easier than to collect old books from thrift shops and even the library discard pile, then stack 2 or 3 for a centerpiece with a teacup or cloche on top. You can also rip out the pages to make a table runner, or use old sheet music as a placemat!

When going vintage, your budget really isn’t the issue. Just find decorations in a toned-down color scheme, add lots of pearls and lace, and your guests will get into your vintage Quince party mood in a heartbeat!