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5 Ways to Warm Up your Winter Quinceanera Ensemble

Who says that just because your Quince is in the winter you have to shiver in a little taffeta bolero? Check out these ideas to stay warm on your Quinceanera day—and the best news is that all these gorgeous items are keepers that will last you for years!

1. Keep Your Arms Warm

If your church allows your shoulders to be bare, you have a few lovely options that will keep you warm, and that can be removed for your reception when once you get all warmed up dancing.

  • Choose a gown with sleevelets:

These are our Styles #80177 (on the left) and Style #80178 (on the right).

  • Wear long gloves:

Elbow length gloves are always elegant, and they’re something you can keep and wear for years to come.

2. Wrap Up You & Your Damas

Especially if your church requires that upper arms be covered, choose one of these beautiful alternatives to a lightweight (and not very warm) chiffon bolero:

  • Chic Capelet:

A classy capelet, loose, unfitted and resplendent with beadwork and delicate ribbon bow, is something you can keep and wear for a very long time without worrying about a custom fit.

  • Cozy Shrug:

If you have a family member who knits, why not let her gift to you be lovely shrugs for you and your damas?

3. Keep Your Legs Warm

You don’t have to wear casual looking wooly tights. Choose elegant lace tights or leggings. Also, choose a pattern that’s sturdier, and you can wear them to school!

Tip: If it’s really cold, put on your pantyhose first, then put your lace tights or leggings over the pantyhose. The double layer is sure to keep you warm!

4. Keep Your Feet Warm with Shoe Boots

You’ll need to double up on leggings or tights for your ceremony because you’ll be wearing your flat shoes, but consider a cute pair of shoe boots for your high heels. You can get cowboy boots if you wish, but if you’re having a vintage or Frozen Quince, or any other non-Latina theme, you’ll want something dressy to change into.

  • Zip back bow embellished Mary Janes:

  • Vintage steampunk leather & lace booties:



5. Go All Out in a Glorious Cape

There’s nothing more dramatic than a full-length cape.

  • Choose white that goes with just about everything:

  • Or choose blue for a Frozen Elsa look:

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