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Stunning & Unexpected Quinceanera Themes: Part 1

Having a hard time finding a truly original theme for your Quinceanera? Sometimes you have to think outside the box—way outside the box! We’ve come up with a myriad of themes that we don’t think you’ll see at just any Quinceanera. And to find details on specifics like invitations and outfits and decorations, just type in a search using the keyword. It couldn’t be easier!

Here are our first 10 picks for the most charming, interesting, and original themes we could find to help you make your Quinceanera truly all about you.

1. Ballet

This is a lovely and extremely feminine theme. Tulle, tutus, ballet slippers, ribbons—and you can use any color scheme you want or, of course, stick with lovely ballerina pink!

2. Bollywood

Some will also call this an Arabian Nights theme. Think bright colors, saris for your damas, and build your surprise dance around a belly dancing theme.

3. Boy Bands 

Make your favorite boy band part of your celebration. Dress your court in the group’s gear—for instance, if you just love One Direction, deck out your court in British-inspired attire—then find life-size cardboard cut-outs of the artists for your photo booth.

4. Brazilian Carnival 

Create a Carnival Quince with feathers and masks, samba music, and foods that are native to Brazil. What’s fun about a Carnival Quince is that it lends itself well to some of the classic Latin Quinceanera music and traditions.

5. Cancun 

Another Quince theme that lends itself well to the classic Quinceanera traditions is Cancun. This is a variation of a beach theme that includes Mayan ruins and different areas of Cancun like the Puerto Morelos fishing village and the Hotel Zones.

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

If your dream come true is a chocolate overload, this theme was made for you! Include a chocolate fountain, send golden tickets for your invitations, and let chocolate bars, lollipops and cake pops do double duty on your tables as centerpieces and miniature candy stations. Then wear Willy Wonka costumes for your surprise dance.

7. Dancing with the Stars

Are you and your friends glued to the set every Monday night? Then create a Dancing with the Stars Quinceanera with mirror ball centerpieces, dancer silhouettes and host a dance competition complete with a judge’s table and voting paddles.

8. Glow in the Dark

Ditch the lights and dazzle your guests with a glowing Quinceanera! Use miniature color change LED balls at each place setting, glow stick cotton candy, glowing centerpieces, and rent anything and everything you want—from a neon dance floor to delicate tracings of glow in the dark Tulip paint on your gown and your court’s attire, the sky (rather, whatever glows in the dark) is the limit!   

This dress is most definitely over the top, but the tutorial is excellent. Just tone down the amount of glowing Tulip paint you apply to each piece of clothing.

Tutorial: http://www.instructables.com/id/Glowing-Gown-/

9. Harry Potter

Focus your Quince on magic and name your tables after places in Harry Potter’s world—Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Slytherin—then use lots of tall, white candles and serve your guests butterbeer! Here’s a link to an entire Sorting Hat of recipes: http://wizardingworldpark.com/butterbeer-recipes/

10. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

For a stunning variation on the Winter Wonderland theme, celebrate your December Quinceanera in your very own Whoville! Check out this link for everything you’ll need for a Grinch-inspired celebration: http://spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com/blog/party-central/a-grinch-inspired-christmas-party

There’s more where these ideas came from so…

Keep an eye on our blog. We’ll be posting as many of these best of the best, out of the box, totally unique and original Quinceanera themes as we can find.

Hint: There will be another set in a week or so!

If you still can’t choose:

Here’s a little quiz to find your perfect Quinceanera theme: