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6 Meaningful Gifts for Your Quinceañera

Whether you’ve been invited to a Quinceanera and aren’t sure what to bring as a gift, or if it’s your Quince and you want to know what to ask for, it can be useful to learn about some meaningful gift “basics” that go beyond just a general gift registry. A Quinceanera is a spiritual occasion involving the renewal of baptismal vows and often Holy Communion. Related  to these religious rituals are a few specific gifts, some of which are so significant that they’re blessed by the priest. While the godparents—the padrinos—customarily sponsor certain things, there are other gifts that are appropriate to receive from any of your guests. Here are a few of the most meaningful gifts associated with a Quinceanera to help guests choose what to bring and to help you decide what you’d like to have to commemorate your important 15th birthday.

1. Inspirational Necklace

This can be as simple as a cross or a small crucifix, or a medal of the patron saint of the Quinceanera related to her name. Other appropriate choices include a medal of Our Lady of Guadalupe or Our Lady of Fatima. Often these necklaces are on a simple chain, but they can be combined with semi-precious stones—like the one above that comes in her birthstone—or a color to go with the color of her Quinceanera celebration.

2. Personalized Bible

The Bible is considered by many to be a valuable spiritual tool. For a Quinceanera, choose a Bible perhaps in a feminine color such as pink or purple, or light blue or white, and have it personalized with her name or initials.

Tip: You can ask the family which translation they prefer, or buy one of the many Bibles available specifically for teens. Here are some ideas for different translations, all approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

  • Books of the New Testament, Alba House
  • Contemporary English Version – New Testament, First Edition, American Bible Society
  • Contemporary English Version – Book of Psalms, American Bible Society
  • Contemporary English Version – Book of Proverbs, American Bible Society
  • The Grail Psalter (Inclusive Language Version), G.I.A. Publications
  • New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE)
  • New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition, National Council of Churches
  • The Psalms, Alba House
  • The Psalms (New International Version) – St. Joseph Catholic Edition, Catholic Book Publishing Company
  • The Psalms – St. Joseph New Catholic Version, Catholic Book Publishing Company
  • Revised Psalms of the New American Bible (1991)
  • So You May Believe, A Translation of the Four Gospels, Alba House
  • Today’s English Version, Second Edition, American Bible Society
  • Translation for Early Youth, A Translation of the New Testament for Children, Contemporary English Version, American Bible Society

3. Rosary

Rosaries come in all sizes and are made with all manner of stones. It all depends on personal taste and budget, but a rosary is something that will be kept and treasured always.

You can get a simple rosary with beads like the one shown above—which is of particular significance because it comes from Jerusalem. Or if the Quinceanera girl is particularly artistic, she might like something different like an artisan rosary:

4. Mantilla

Mantillas are a beautiful accessory and are making a comeback. They’re a devotional piece and are worn by women to show their reverence to God during the Mass. They can be white, black, pastel, have metallic lace or edging, and can either be short enough just to cover the head like this French style mantilla:

Or long like this traditional Spanish mantilla shawl:

Both of these stunning mantillas are available from Veils by Lily: https://www.veilsbylily.com/

5. Rosary Bracelet

Rosary bracelets that are very simple—and are meant to be used as a rosary—can be found in most religious stores. However a bracelet like this one—made from a rosary and incorporating ruby and aqua crystals and creamy freshwater pearls—is a stunning investment piece that will be worn for years.

It’s available here: http://www.olacathedralgifts.com/rubycrystalbracelet.aspx

6. Prayer Bracelet

Another beautiful idea is this bracelet that incorporates prompts in order to pray Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my shepherd…”):

We found this particular bracelet available from two different sources:

In order to receive gifts that you really want, it’s important to let people now your tastes and preferences. The easiest way to do that is to set up a gift registry. Here’s a helpful blog with information on how—and why—to have a registry: 7 Important Reasons to Have a Quinceanera Gift Registry

You also might find yourself explaining your Quinceanera to those who aren’t familiar with the customs. This is a great article for them to read: https://qbydavinci.com/blog/quinceanera-q-a-a-primer-for-your-non-latino-friends/