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Now That’s a Quinceanera!

Did you see the recent news report about Rubi Ibarra and how thousands from across the country showed up to her Quinceanera on December 26? She’s not the only one to have one wild party. We thought it might be fun for you to take a break from all that planning and have a look at three exciting, amazing and wonderful Quinces. We’ll start with Rubi, then Maya Henry who scored the Kardashian’s makeup artist, and close with thoughtful Disney star Belle Thorne’s Quince in memory of her dad. Although once you get a look at these Quinceaneras, all of a sudden “understated” and “smaller guest list” might sound like pretty good ideas after all!

Rubi Ibarra: Practically a Flash Mob

When Rubi’s padre posted a very sweet video invitation to his daughter’s Quinceanera, what he meant was for friends and neighbors in their village to come and celebrate. Instead, Rubi found herself the center of a media circus with thousands from across Mexico swarming to her little town of San Luis Potosi.  Here are some highlights:

  • Interjet, a Mexican airline, ran a 30% discount promotion for flights with the slogan “Are you going to Rubi’s party?”
  • Famous singer Luis Antonio Lopez “El Mimoso,” wrote a “corrido” song for her.
  • Rubi got an offer to appear on “The Rose of Guadalupe,” a popular soap opera.
  • One woman came all the way from the northern state of Coahuila to see if she could score a dress for her granddaughter’s Quinceanera this next May.

Read all about it here, including the original video invitation: http://people.com/human-interest/thousands-attend-quinceanera-after-her-dads-facebook-invite-accidentally-goes-viral/

Maya Henry: $6 Million

Maya’s padre, a millionaire lawyer in San Antonia, Texas, wanted his daughter to have an “unforgettable” 15th birthday. We think he managed to pull that off pretty well, but he did have some help: He hired a premiere event planner from New York—with 150 planning assistants! But that’s what it takes to make all this happen and more:

  • Nick Jonas and Pitbull provided the music.
  • Patrick Ta, makeup artist to the Kardashians, did Maya’s makeup.
  • Designer Rolando Santana was commissioned to create not one but two dresses.
  • The photographer was Donna Newman, famous for working with Michelle Obama and Matt Damon.
  • Maya’s dad built a 55,000 square foot venue—complete with cherry trees 30 feet tall—specifically for her party.

What’s most amazing is that there were “only” 600 people invited, which when you divide that into $6 million—that’s $10,000 per guest! That’s reasonably inexpensive, though, considering Maya is friends with people like Justin Bieber and campaigns for Hillary Clinton. (The article didn’t say if Ms. Clinton attended, but we’ll bet she was invited!)

Check it out here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3483958/Is-America-s-luckiest-teenager-15-year-old-girl-thrown-lavish-6-MILLION-Quincea-era-performances-Nick-Jonas-Pitbull-make-Kardashians-artist-pictures-Michelle-Obama-s-photographer.html

Bella Thorne: a Mixed Blessing

Star of the Disney series, “Shake It Up,” Bella’s Quinceanera was beautiful and bittersweet: Her father, who always wanted her to have a Quince, died in a motorcycle accident in 2007. But with the help of her friend and costar, Zendaya, Bella rallied and planned a lovely Quince that will be re-celebrated when she gets married:

  • She and her full court including her brothers and sisters—and Zendaya—arrived in a horse-drawn carriage.
  • Sherri Hill helped design the pink heart-shaped dress which resembles what Bella wants to wear for her wedding.
  • Her butterfly cake knife was engraved and will be used for her wedding.

With all that Disney splendor, though, Bella’s a pretty thoughtful girl: Instead of gifts for herself, she asked her guests to bring canned goods to donate to the Los Angeles Food Bank.

Read more about Bella’s Quinceanera here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2221170/Dreams-come-true-Bella-Thorne-looks-like-princess-fairy-tale-birthday-bash.html

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