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Carriage, Car or Coach: 7 Ideas to Arrive in Style

As important as the dress, cake, food and trimmings, arriving in style to your quince is a must. And just like brides before their weddings, lovely Quinceaneras have to plan early, too, to avoid as many mishaps as possible. Choosing the car isn’t just your ride of a lifetime. Your damas and chambelanes can ride along, too. So again, just like brides, you’ll have to consider your budget, style and of course, your theme.

Sedans are classy and classic, but can also feel too common, so let’s take a look at some other fun options, shall we?

  • Limousine

The limo is one of the most expensive rentals for a quinceanera, but sometimes you just gotta have one. If the typical limousine is too yuppie for you, why not ride in your padrino’s Volkswagen limousine? Your friends will love to take photos when all the lights are turned on. The guys and girls in your court will love riding as you listen to your favorite tracks, especially if the driver knows how to play DJ on the way, announcing tunes with style.

Even though it’s more expensive, a traditional limousine rental usually includes a few extras in the package. You’ll typically get 4 hours of service, a mini bar, sometimes a TV and entertainment system and even LED lights. A limo really is perfect for a New York theme.

  • School Bus

Don’t overlook this ride. A school bus rental can save you so much, you can go all out with DIY decorations. Never mind that you ride the bus every day to school—you and your court will dress up the inside of that bus just with your gorgeous attire, so take lots of pictures. It may be unconventional, but a bus is one memorable experience.

  • Volkswagen Beetle

Make sure your chambelan has a driving permit if you want this ride, but if anybody owns a Bug, that’ll save you bucks! Decorate the beetle with flowers and balloons to add a girly touch. Beetles are also great for a beach or modern hippie themed quince. And—you might be able to rent a Beetle from a car rental place! You might have to be more careful how you decorate, but why not ask

  • Carriage

Dreaming of being Cinderella? Rent a horse-drawn carriage. Just make sure your hair and makeup are in place after this wide-open ride. Carriages are classic, and you’ll remember it forever. They’re perfect for short distance rides from the ceremony to the reception, or even if just for a quick trip around the parking lot for a photo op.

  • Hummer

A Hummer is one cool ride. If your parents and godparents can afford it, experience the luxury for one day. To make the Hummer fit the theme, add decorations, but do call around for the cheapest rate per hour, as Hummers can be expensive. For sure, a Hummer perfectly fits a Hollywood theme Quinceanera.

  • Vintage car

If your theme is historical or somehow dated centuries back, a vintage car is perfect. A vintage ride accommodates only a few, though, so a good suggestion would be to include your best friend and top chambelan to ride with you. Hang some banners and balloons for a great effect.

  • The best family car

Nothing beats riding in a familiar car, right? So comfortable you could do your last minute makeup and hair styling in it. This is usually the best option if you want to focus your funds on other quinceanera elements like food and entertainment. But you can still pimp the family ride by adding ribbons the same color of your dress!

Any ride you choose for your quince will depend on how much you are willing to spend. Rates are paid per hour, but also, the more you pay, the more services you’ll get. Since it’s tradition to ride with your court, choosing the same kind of vehicles and riding in a convoy would also look awesome. Make sure to book your ride weeks before—even the family car might be unavailable if big brother or sister has a hot date! The last thing you want is a cab (unless that works with your Big City theme) or maybe worse, walking a long, long way to the church or reception.

So to recap, here are the top things to consider if you’re choosing your ride on a budget:

  • Rent the vehicle for the shortest number of hours.
  • Have your photo shoot with the car or party bus either before the reception or after the ceremony.
  • Always call around for the best price.
  • Watch for discounts or promotions.
  • If you don’t need the ride for its looks, then rent whatever gets you from point A to B efficiently.
  • Prioritize. If renting a car means seriously less money for your dress, think again. Maybe borrow from someone close to your family instead. Just be sure to take full responsibility if something goes wrong.
  • Let an older brother (with a license) drive the car rather than hiring a professional driver to cut costs.

Now, with all that said, go spend the dough you saved on your ride on other more…essential quinceanera essentials!