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Easy 10 Step Lime Green & Red Holiday Quince

You do not need to have a Grinch party to have a beautiful holiday Quince. All you need to do is break The Green Rule: Use lime green instead of a traditional dark pine tree or hunter green. Then make use of Mother Nature’s apple bounty and add a dash of DIY creativity. The easiest way to change the flavor of a Christmas or holiday Quince is to pick an unexpected color for your dress. Choose a gorgeous lime green gown from our Q by DaVinci collection, and that’ll set the stage. Then follow our 10 easy steps, and you can pull off a designer Quince in no time!

1. Decide on a Dress

Ditch the expected pine tree green and go with an eye-catching lime green dress. It’ll totally pop against any traditional decorations you choose. All of our dresses are created with top quality fabrics and high-end construction and are as comfortable as can be. You’ll love the elegant designs but what you’ll love even more is the affordable price!

Great news: You can order a Q by DaVinci dress and have it in just a few days!

Here are the styles, left to right:

  • Glitter Organza (also available in Turquoise): Style #80254
  • Diagonal Organza with Black Embroidery: Style #2354
  • Rosettes with Crystal Bodice: Style #2373

Note: Styles #2354 and 2373 are also available in all of these colors:

  • Apple, Shamrock, Teal, Aqua, Turquoise, Tiffany, Seamist, Indigo, Royal, Dark Fuchsia, Fuchsia, Red, Claret, Flamingo, Pink, Melon, Burnt Orange, Orange, Bubble Gum, Cerise, Purplish, Aubergine, Lilac, Lavender, Champagne, Gold, Yellow, White, Ivory, Black, Silver

2. Set Your Table Simply


Don’t agonize over fancy table linens.  All you need is a standard white tablecloth, a standard tablecloth in lime green for accent, and a long roll of red ribbon.

3. Gather a Bushel of Apples

Gorgeous green and red apples—Granny Smith for green and any type of red apple you like—make lovely “vases” for a single green cushion mum. Create votive candle holders to scatter around a centerpiece that’s a simple basket or crate with a table number marker in the middle, and you’re good to go—and the apples can go home with your guests!

4. Do Something Different for your Cake


Order—or make—a tie dye cake to cut, then serve matching pound cake on the side as a creative alternative to cupcakes.  But if you just adore cupcakes, then go one step more and serve Holiday Velvets cupcakes.

These have the taste of red velvet but with gorgeous holiday coloring and they’re made from a box mix! Here’s the easy DIY tutorial: https://www.duncanhines.com/recipes/cupcakes/Duncan%20Hines%C2%AE/holiday-velvets-cupcakes/

5. Craft Quick & Useful Favors

Grab a bunch of clear Christmas ball ornaments and stuff them with whatever you like—simple to fancy, whimsical to lovely—anything you want goes!

Here’s a link to 21 different clear ornament designs: http://b-inspiredmama.com/homemade-christmas-ornaments-ball/#_a5y_p=4754812

Check this out: These are great ideas for using holiday ornaments and decorations for your Quince that you can later use for your family’s holiday festivities. https://qbydavinci.com/blog/15-ways-to-use-traditions-decor-for-your-holiday-quince/

6. Raid the Ornament Box for Your Bouquet

Make a simple bouquet out of Christmas tree decorations. You can stick to ornamental balls and a little bow. Or if you want fresh, you can go with monochromatic lime green flowers to match your dress:

7. Color Match Your Menu

This is one aspect of your green and red Quince that’s a snap. Ask your family and friends to chip in for a homemade buffet of bright green guacamole, red and green salsa, and fajitas with red and green peppers.

  • This recipe is super easy—you just bake the fajitas in the oven!


Check this out: Here’s an excellent primer on different menus for a tasty Quinceanera. https://qbydavinci.com/blog/quinceanera-menu-primer-quick-tips-for-your-quince-feast/

8. Simplify your Sweets Table

Hit up the Christmas candy sale aisle of your favorite grocery store, then snag simple, clear glass containers from the dollar store. Mix up the candies with red and green together, then do a few containers with each color only.

9. Tie One On

Make your life simple and easy with super quick DIY candy cane place cards, make ribbon bunting, then buy cool ties for your chambelanes.

  • 3 Candy Canes + 1 Ribbon = 1 Perfect Little Placecard

Just tie 3 candy canes together and then either set a card with the guest’s name or a simple greeting.

  • Easy Ribbon Skirting

Tie lengths of ribbon to a fishing line or twine, or even a sturdy ribbon, then pin it to your head table.

  • Tie Up Your Chambelanes

Outfit your chambelanes in simple style with a chevron and polka dot tie. All they need is a white shirt and dress slacks, and they’re good to go!

10. Personalize the Entire Party

Put up one gorgeous tree and top it with a lime green bow and your initial. Or make a simple wreath with your initial and hang it in the center of your head table.

For some wonderful alternative winter Quince bouquets, check out this blog: https://qbydavinci.com/blog/10-utterly-original-winter-quinceanera-bouquets/

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